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Parcel delivery from Germany to the USA

Shoutout to all the Germans calling the US home! Willkommen!

Did you know you can now enjoy all your favourite products from Germany while in the US without having to spend a fortune!

EshopWedrop helps to deliver all of your parcels from online shops in Germany to your home back in the States.


How does this work?

  1. Purchase goods from any German online store.
  2. When checking out, use your German EshopWedrop address that you will find on your EshopWedrop profile once you have completed registration.
  3. Your parcel will be sent to our Flagship warehouse in Frankfurt and our team will arrange international delivery and customs clearance on parcels you have ordered to the United States.

And for those using EshopWedrop for the first time…Your first international delivery from Germany or our other offered countries will be FREE!*


Registering with EshopWedrop is free and easy! Sign up today and gain immediate access to your personal delivery addresses for Europe and the UK.




Happy Shopping!

Your EshopWedrop Team


Terms & Conditions

*To qualify for the Free EshopWedrop delivery, verify your identity today and unlock your personal EshopWedrop Delivery addresses. The free EshopWedrop delivery discount will be activated automatically and be valid for one month from activation of your account (the moment you unlock your EshopWedrop delivery addresses). This discount is valid only for EshopWedrop delivery charges up to the value of $10 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts offered by EshopWedrop.

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Summer 2024
Summer 2024
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