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Shopping during Coronavirus? Why you should think about it again.

Here comes the spring and what is for sure is that our life has changed a lot…
From our fast forward routine, it feels like we have pressed the pause button and all we are waiting for is returning back to our normal life and being able to go out without any fear!

Well, the good news is that many countries across the globe have started to lift the lockdown restrictions and hopefully under certain circumstances step by step we will get back to the life we are used to!

We have missed so much being able to go out for a walk, meeting friends for coffee and do simple things like entering a shop and buying something new!

Lockdown measures are lifting but our attention not!

Without any doubt, our priority is to finally meet with our friends, family and all our beloved ones that we have so much missed all this time! So, for sure you will agree that the shoes you were thinking of buying can be delayed a bit longer… Who doesn’t love some shopping? But, does it worth it queuing outside of a shop for something that’s not urgent? Even our little ones want the toy the watched the other day on the TV ad (well that makes sense, they have spent so much time inside playing with the same toys again and again) , but does it really worth taking the risk visiting a shop?

Why not spend your time in something more productive, like going out on a park, visit the seaside or just explore a new outdoors area? You certainly need some fresh air, more than ever before!

So, here is our suggestion! Wisely use your time outside and switch to online shopping. This will save your time while also decrease the chances of being infected!  

EshopWedrop, is here to help you with all your online orders. Now it’s better than ever, to shop online from Europe and USA and we will deliver your parcel to you in very low international delivery cost!

When shopping online, your options are unlimited, and the best part is that you can find great deals daily! For example, Amazon and eBay are offering discounts up to 80% in many products categories every day! SportsDirect, Asos, Zalando, TopShop, Asda and many more shops are offering products that haven’t even been released in out country yet in very low prices!! Not to forget, all online shops in England offer 0% VAT for kids clothing, toys and books!

Why not giving it a try?

Check out how you can shop from abroad and have your parcel delivered to you!

  1. Sign up today – it’s FREE* and takes 1 minute
  2. Activate your account and get your international addresses
  3. Shop from any online shop in Europe and use the right international address at the checkout instead of your home one

For example, if you want to buy something from John Lewis UK, place the item you want in the basket and at the check-out, use your British address that we offered you. This is our British warehouse’s address, where your parcel arrives and is sent to you by our lovely team! Once arrived in the US, you will be notified and asked how you prefer to receive it or collect it.

Exclusive offer! Register today using the promocode STOPCOVID and get 1st International Delivery for FREE*!

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To qualify for the Free EshopWedrop delivery, verify your identity today and unlock your personal EshopWedrop Delivery addresses. The free EshopWedrop delivery discount will be activated automatically and be valid for one month from activation of your account (the moment you unlock your EshopWedrop delivery addresses). This discount is valid only for EshopWedrop delivery charges up to the value of $10 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts offered by EshopWedrop.

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Summer 2024
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