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To Brexit or not to Brexit? The answer is …to Shopping!

To Brexit or not to Brexit? The answer is …to Shopping!

A few months ago now, the UK voted ‘to Brexit’… but the question remains; what will actually happen?

Whether it’s Brexit or not to Brexit, there is one thing we do know for sure... the UK is one of the most popular shopping destinations worldwide, and let’s keep it that way!

With so many shopping choices, good quality products and incredible sales, the UK has a lot to offer! With the UK also proudly offering 0% VAT on ALL Kid’s items, take advantage!!
Shop from your favourite brands and get outstanding value for money on toys, clothing, books and more – with 0% VAT there’s no better place to shop!

Until the UK Government announces a final Brexit decision, we are VOTING SHOPPING!
We highly encourage you make the most of Shopping in the UK... and what better time to do it than NOW!

The EshopWedrop Team has found amazing sales on many designer brands in the UK that you must get your hands on!

How to shop from the UK?

  • Shop from your favourite online shops in the UK
  • Use your personal EshopWedrop UK delivery address, (that you can find in your EshopWedrop Account) at the retailers checkout page
  • EshopWedrop does the rest! Have your parcels delivered to an address of your choice in the USA

Enjoy shopping in British Style!

Happy Shopping,
EshopWedrop Team

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Summer 2024
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