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What is EDee?

EDee is an automated delivery option that gives you the chance to receive your online orders without the need of logging in to your EshopWedrop account more than once.

What does automated delivery mean?

With EDee being an automated delivery option, this means that if activated, your orders will be delivered to you automatically, based on the preferences you set in your personal EshopWedrop account only once.

Is EDee a mandatory option I have to use?

EDee is not mandatory, it is an optional add-on and can be activated in your personal EshopWedrop account, for free!

If you decide to activate our EDee functionality, then all you need to do is complete the information applicable in your EshopWedrop account under the ‘My parcels’ section and based on this information your future orders will be delivered to you. Also, you are able deactivate it at any time.

Please note: Even if you decide not to use EDee, your parcels will still move to their Destination Warehouse, so Edee will not affect your parcels journey if it is not used.

If I activate EDee, will this work for outstanding orders in my account?

If you decide to activate EDee but you already have orders outstanding in your account, then please note that the preferences you have set will only work for those parcels that are added to your account after the activation. For the parcels already existing in your account, these cannot be automated and will therefore have to follow the manual ordering process.

How does EDee work?

EDee gives you the chance to pre-select the delivery options you wish your orders to use, only ONCE and from then on, each time that you use EshopWedrop to deliver your parcels, EDee will take care of the entire process for you, using the preferences set!

For example: If you pre-select preferences such as the delivery option to be home delivery and use the same method of payment for all of your orders, then Edee will carry out your future orders using these preferences, without asking for any further assistance.

How to Activate EDee?

Step.1 à Visit your EshopWedrop Account and go to the ‘My Parcels’ page.

Step.2 à Turn On EDee

Step.3 à Select the delivery preferences that you wish EDee to take care of for you

Is there a maximum parcel size for automated deliveries?

There is no maximum parcel size for automated deliveries, unless you choose our C&C options (parcel lockers / parcel shops). If you select one of our C&C options and your parcel is bigger than the maximum allowed, then EDee will use the secondary delivery option that you set in your EDee settings.

Also, if you are using click and collect or door deliveries, please check for any courier restrictions that may occur.

What happens if I use EDee but choose to pay ‘cash on delivery’?

If you have selected the ‘Cash on delivery’ payment option, EDee will take care of the delivery for you and will send your parcels to our USA warehouse. Once your parcels have arrived, you can collect and pay for your order using cash on delivery.

Likewise, EDee can arrange for home delivery and payment can be made on arrival.

What happens if I use EDee but choose to send one parcel to a different address?

EDee can be turned on/turned off for one individual parcel separately if wanted. For example, if EDee has been activated, but one parcel needed to be delivered in a different way to the others in the account, EDee can be turned off for this one individual parcel. Then, this particular parcel would just need to be ordered in the usual way.

Will I be informed with updates on the journey of my parcel with EDee?

EDee will send you email updates on the status and journey of your order to keep you fully informed each step of the way.

Is EDee suitable for me?

EDee is the right option for you if you like your online shopping process to be fast and simple. This meaning, less email notifications (if you opt in to receive less) and less logins to your account. However, order tracking and delivery updates are always available on the website for you to access.


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